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Meet The Experts
Pat O’Neill

Pat O’Neill, Orthopaedic Consultant

Sports Injury

What is your specific area of expertise? The specific area of expertise we engage in is musculoskeletal injuries and conditions relating to sport and occupation. The majority of musculoskeletal injuries relating to sportand occupations that require medical treatment would be in the order...

John O’Byrne

John O’Byrne, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Knees & Joints

What is your specific area of expertise? My specific area of expertise is knee surgery, mainly knee replacements and also repeat knee replacements. I have also, over the years, carried out many hip replacements, although in recent years my practice is focussing more on surgery...

Sinead Beirne

Sinead Beirne, GP


What is the most common bone condition that you see as a GP? The most common bone condition in Ireland is osteoporosis, with approximately 300,000 people over 50 years estimated to have the condition. However, it is often referred to as a silent disease as it can go unnoticed...

Eamon Laird

Eamon Laird, Researcher

Vitamin D

What is vitamin D? Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is an important nutrient for bone health. It is actually a hormone that our bodies make when exposed to sunshine. Unfortunately, in Ireland, vitamin D production is almost negligible from late September to March each year...

James Cashman

James Cashman, Orthopaedic Surgeon


What is your specific area of expertise? I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a particular interest in primary or first time Hip and Knee replacement, as well as revision or repeat hip and knee replacement. I also have an interest in the management of hip problems in younger people...